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Who is DivaG?

Ginette Degner AKA Search Engine Diva since 1993

I have provided SEO and internet marketing consultation services for more than 19 years. Management of cost per click campaigns, performance marketing strategy development- implementation, web site development. I work to implement result oriented and cost effective internet marketing solutions. I keep a small, exclusive client base to ensure quality management of ongoing projects and customer satisfaction.

“You can show me something and I will look under the hood, take it apart so I understand the why and how it works. It is important to me to understand how something works and why we are executing it in a particular way. It allows me to intelligently answer client questions and offer the best strategy or a more effective and efficient way to achieve our goals.

I ask a lot a of what ifs and work to skate ahead of the puck when it comes to client needs, anticipating the bumps and creating strategies that will avoid the pitfalls long term”…Ginette Degner

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